Welcome to Shorinji Kempo Yokohama Negishi Branch


Atsumi sensei and Yokohama Negishi branch have a long history of practicing with trainees from all over the world.


Cornel University Summer Camp, Ithaca, 2006

Yokohama is one of the oldest port cities opened to foreign countries in the early 19th century and has a thick history of cultural exchange with foreign countries. Our town, Negishi is tranquil and warm community, but close to the center of Yokohama city and locates in a commutable distance from the Metropolitan Tokyo area. Negishi branch has ethnically and culturally diverse members and welcome trainees from anywhere in the world. We celebrated 40th anniversary in 2016. For these years, some of our trainees went abroad and established their new branches. We hope that our Houen, which means the circle of ties, will continue to connect us to members of Shorinji-Kemp in the globe.

Our branch master, Atsumi sensei, used to teach in Cornell University Summer Camp every year for Shorinji Kempo trainees in the US East coast until recently. He has not been able to visit the camp since 2013 due to his tight schedule and family issues. Yet, including Atsumi sensei, all the members in Negishi douin are welcoming foreign members to join us.

If you are interested in joining us, please check out “About Us” first and feel free to contact us.