Shorinji Kempo Official Site [2000. 9]Please check the official information about Shorinji Kempo here.
Kanagawa Shorinji Kempo Federation [2000.10]All branches in Kanagawa are listed in their web site.
Yokohama shorinji kempo federation [2000.10]Negishi branch is located in Yokohama.
Ziring MicroWeb Home Page [2000.9]Mr. Neal Ziring is Chu-kenshi in World bank branch. We met Cornel Camp.
World Bank Branch [2000.10]Branch Master emeritus Ken-ichi Ohashi sensei and Atsumi sensei are old friends since their 20th. Ohashi sensei contributed to develop Shorinji Kempo in the US East Coast region. The present branch master is Mr. Allen Liff.
Brisbane Branch [2001.6]One of the Kenshi in Negishi branch had joined Brisbane branch. Branch Master Mr.Tan have visited Negishi Branch.
ANN ARBOR BRANCH [2005.6]Branch Master Mr. Gary Dolce is a Kenshi graduate from Cornel University.
North York Branch [2006.6]I met the Branch Master Mr. Ryoichi Oka in Cornel Camp.
Toronto Branch [2006.6]I met the Branch Maste Mr. John McCulloch in Cornel Camp.