Our Branch Master


Atsumi, Shinichi His family name is Atsumi and his first name is Shin-ichi.
Birth Born in December 1950 in Yokohama.
Favorite Things Pasta, coffe, sho-gi (Japanese chess), and taking photos. Please check out his blog to see his photos.
Food He loves eating out to find cheap and tasty foods.
Animal He used to have a Dachshund and a cat, but they both past away… His second cat, also past away…
Blood Type In Japan, blood type personality finder is a common “myth” and people love to find out what blood type yours is. His blood type is O, and people think O type blood is gentle but not good at organizing things.
Past Status in Shorinji Kempo Post chairman of Japanese University Student Shorinji Kempo League.
Post chairman of Kanagawa-ken Shorinji Kempo League.


Status Jun-Hanshi 6dan
1968 Became a pupil of Zotoku Branch
1970 Joined in the Toyo university Shorinji Kempo club
1974 Worked for the Shorinji Kempo headquarter in Tadotsu, Kochi.
1976 Set up Yokohama Negishi Branch
1994 Became the supervisor of Yokohama City University School of Medicine Shorinji Kempo Club.


1993 Graduated from the Research Institute of the same Chiropractic College
1992 Graduated from Chiropractic College
1981 Graduatead from the Research Institute of Shorinji-Kempo Professional School
1974 B.A. in Buddhism from the Toyo University